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Teeth Sensitivity Milton Keynes

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Teeth Sensitivity Milton Keynes

If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks, or breathing in cold air, makes your teeth painful, then you may have tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity can come and go over time.

It occurs when the enamel that protects your teeth gets thinner, or when gum recession occurs, exposing the underlying surface, the dentin, and reducing the protection the enamel and gums provide to the tooth and root.

This can happen for many reasons, including excessive brushing, pressure, teeth grinding or clenching, and the consumption of acidic foods and liquids.


✧ Leaking Restorations (Fillings, Crowns etc).

✧ Tooth Decay

✧ Exposed Tooth Roots caused by gum disease or tooth abrasion.

✧ Erosion caused by acid food/drinks.

✧ Grinding/clenching.

✧ A combination of the causes above.

In the cases where the cause is either leaking restorations or decay then treatment is normally required.

In the case of exposed roots, the treatment involves correcting whatever is causing the problem: Toothbrushing, Poor Oral Hygiene.

If the pain persists then either special toothpaste or a Sealant may be required.

Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

We are seeing a rising incidence of tooth sensitivity in Milton Keynes.

Most sensitivity can be eliminated by restoring decayed teeth and replacing leaking restorations.

In some more cases, this may involve Root Canal treatment or even extractions.

The treatments for sensitivity in exposed roots are discussed in the leaflet about Sensitivity which can be downloaded.

But briefly, they usually involved covering the exposed roots with fluoride, which is best done by special toothpaste.

In other cases, it may involve coating the exposed roots with protective coverings, which are normally Bonded Composite Restorations.

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We use cutting edge ultrasonic devices with tips especially designed to minimise sensitivity during your treatment.

Sensitivity is a common issue in patients of all ages, and all hygienist treatments can be associated with sensitivity.

We have learnt useful techniques to minimise this however such as increasing the temperature of the water and offering local anaesthetic.

If sensitivity is a significant issue, we will recommend seeking treatment by one of our dentists.

Where there is significant gum disease and recession, we can refer you to our own gum disease dentists, who are able to offer the full range of surgical gum treatment.

Dental Plaque produces acid so not only does it cause decay but it also irritates the nerve.

This is why Plaque Control is an essential part of eliminating Tooth Sensitivity.

Lasers are a great asset in modern dentistry.

However because they are expensive to purchase and maintain, most dentists fail to utilise their benefits.

Using a laser for certain treatment can have a number of benefits for patients by:

Providing faster healing times.
Reducing the risks of infection.
Creating less bleeding.
Creating less postoperative pain.

The laser generates a beam of concentrated light bringing energy into your mouth

This helps to remove areas of infection as it destroys many bacteria and viruses found in the mouth.