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Sports Guard Milton Keynes

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Sports Guard Milton Keynes

Sports Guards, also known as gum shields, help protect the teeth and the underlying supporting bone from injury when playing contact sports and are an essential piece of kit.

While it is, of course, impossible to eliminate all risks, a custom-made sports Mouth Guard can significantly reduce the risks associated with individual sports and so help maintain a healthy mouth.

Sports Guard treatment will include:

✧ Full dental examination to assess your overall oral health, including appropriate oral hygiene and diet advice relevant to your sport.

✧ Customised Sports Mouth Guard designed with your sport in mind.

✧ It is manufactured using the most advanced technology and materials.

✧ Treatments all under one roof.

✧ 7 day a week service with late evening appointments

✧ 24/7 Emergency Line

Sport Guards Milton Keynes

Treatments for Dental Trauma

Sport Guards Milton Keynes

Every day of the week, we have at least one experienced dental trauma dentist. They are working at the surgery (not just on call!).

Being treated by an experienced clinician is essential to the likely success of any treatment for trauma.

Most trauma involves very little damage. Therefore it can be easily corrected by a Bonded Tooth Coloured restoration. However, we also treat some severe trauma cases.

We see lots of examples of bicycle accidents recently.

We offer a full range of Radiographic diagnostic tools, including CBCT scans.

Indeed we are the only practice in the area that offer this service.

High Energy Drinks

Sport Guards Milton Keynes
Some sportspeople frequently consume high sugar energy drinks or snacks throughout the day to maintain energy levels during training.
As a result, their teeth to N ADDITION a constant sugar and acid attack.
There is evidence that poor oral health and high sugar drinks can impact sporting performance.
The athletes suffer from decay in multiple teeth from all the sugars consumed.
Also, teeth that are severely worn down from constant clenching and grinding during high-intensity workouts.
Sport Guards Milton Keynes

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