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Periodontist Milton Keynes

We're Open 7 Days A Week

Periodontist Milton Keynes

First of all, we are the largest Specialist and General Private Dental Practice in Milton Keynes, we offer the broadest range of gum surgery treatments.

Likewise, we are open seven days a week and have a team of 3 Gum Surgery Dentists.




Pocket Reduction Procedures

Regenerative Periodontal Procedures

Crown Lengthening

Soft Tissue Grafts

NSPT (Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment)

Consultation for Periodontist Milton Keynes

This is with either of the following 3 dentists:

Marta Moreira who has a Special Interest in Periodontics or
Giovanni Marras whose practice is limited to Periodontics or
Ezgi Cilingir whose practice is limited to Periodontics and Dental Implants.

Patients will have a full examination which normally takes 1 hour and get a written treatment plan at the end.

Cost: £95.00+£9 for each small Xray with Giovanni and Marta (1 Hour)

Cost: £155.00 with Ezgi (1 Hour)

*Hygienist* Prices



Simple scale and polishes for regular patients

(who attend every 3-6 months)

From £45

Full Mouth Stain Removal

From £150

Full Mouth Deep Cleaning

From £145

Simple Scale and Polish for new patients

From £65

Airflow/ Jetwash (in addition )

From £25


Deep cleaning (With Local Anaesthetic)

From £145 per side

Localised deep cleaning with anaesthetic (i.e

pericoronitis treatment)

From £125

Deep scaling and Laser treatment with Local Anaesthetic

From £250 per side

Root Planing with Local Anaesthetic

From £125 per visit

Sub Gingival Debridement with Local Anaesthetic

From £125 per visit

Fluoride Treatments

From £50

Tooth Whitening Consultation


Fissure Sealants

From £35 per tooth

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Thursday 8.00 am to 7.30 pm

Friday 8.00am to 7.30pm

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Sunday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Bank Holidays 9.00 am to 5.30 pm


Gingivectomy is the surgical removal of gingiva (i.e., gum tissue).

Gingivoplasty is the surgical reshaping of gum tissue around the teeth.

Removing excess gum tissue and bone to expose more of a tooth. This can also be used to correct a “gummy smile.”