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Emergency Dentist Milton keynes

We're Open 7 Days A Week

Why Choose Us?

✧ We can see many Emergencies straight away, 7 days a week.

✧ Our Emergency examination fee is only £25.

✧ Our large team is able to offer Emergency treatment on the day.

✧ We are a very large and experienced team, able to offer the full range of Emergency treatment.

✧ We are the most popular Emergency Dentist in Milton Keynes.


If you are looking for the ​highest quality 7 Day ​Emergency Dentist in Milton Keynes, book an appointment ​with us today by calling us on 01908 690 326.

Our highly qualified in-house ​emergency dentists area unit consultants once it involves treating emergency cases. Our Dentists are happy to debate all treatments with you to confirm you’re satisfied.

Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes
Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes
Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes


  • The clinic is completely Air Conditioned throughout.

  •  Patients can receive their X-rays via email.

  •  We do all our X-rays in-house.

  •  Full Disabled Access.

  •  We give a Special Welcome pack to new patients on their first visit.

  •  Child-Friendly Dental Care.

  •  Easily accessible parking within a 1-minute walk on the other side of the road.

  •  Regular Hygienist appointments are £45.00.

  •  A Medically Qualified Sedationist provides Dental Sedation 7 days a week.

Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes


We offer the full range of emergency treatment.

Our Emergency Dentist will focus on your Emergency issue.

In order to determine the cause of your problem, they may need to take x-rays. Our patients have access to cutting edge low dose x-ray scanners. A small x-ray is £9, and a large one £35.

Once they have diagnosed the problem, they will provide you with a written treatment plan explaining what needs to be done.

Our aim is to offer the Emergency treatment straight away.

Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes
Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes
Trusted By Our Patients

Last month more than 346 patients used The Hub Dental Practice Emergency Dental Service.

98% of callers in pain, toothache, or with a problem are offered an appointment straight away.

One of our emergency dentists sees 94% of callers in pain,  toothache, or with a problem within 10 minutes of completing the paperwork.

Our emergency dental clinic is open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The guide to Emergency Dental Service for your dental emergency

Dental emergencies occur without warning; they can be extremely stressful and cause a lot of toothaches. Dental abscesses, broken teeth, acute toothache, dental abscesses, and wisdom teeth all cause pain that will usually get worse if left without treatment.

We let you know any charges before you have treatment.

Examination (New Patient)£25
Examination (Regular Patient)£25
Small Digital Bite-wing Xray£9
Small Digital Peri-Apical Xray£9
Large Digital Panoral X-Ray£35
One Side Large Digital Panoral X-Ray£25

Check The List of our Treatments Fees HERE

We will then give you a written treatment plan for the proposed Emergency Dental Treatment and will discuss all the options and you can decide what you wish to have done.

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